The Great Eastern Seating Company refurbishment process guarantees your seats will last longer through the use of blow molded high density foams. Your metal finishes will last longer and be more durable than the original paint through the use of powder coat technology. Your fabrics will be selected from a wide range of industry mills based on minimum performance standards of 50,000 double rubs. Your fasteners and anchors will be industrial grade. Your wood products will be manufactured from the finest premium hardwoods and finished to exacting standards. All lifting components will be replaced to ensure proper self rising seat pans. Floors will be inspected with failed anchors replaced prior to re-installation. No detail will be overlooked.

New Seating:
The Great Eastern Seating Company offers new products as well. We have working relationships with several of the worlds leading seating manufacturers. Great Eastern Seating Company will carefully review your needs and requirements and along with your Project Architect ensure the proper seating solution is developed. Seat planning and sight lines are carefully designed by seating experts. From sports arenas to performing arts theaters to general use public auditoriums, Great Eastern Seating Company has a total solution to offer.

On Site Customer Care:
Commonly, after your seating has been purchased and installed, the need for maintenance occurs. Rest assured that Great Eastern Seating Company will be there for you. Offering both Union and non-Union labor, we work closely with all parties in all markets to offer valued support services. The service offerings can range from simple scheduled preventative maintenance cycles to concrete and anchors repairs to upholstery replacement to emergency repairs. No request for service is unreasonable.

ADA Modifications:
The U.S. Department of Justice is serious about ADA compliance for public seating. Great Eastern Seating Company is serious about providing solutions. We are the only company in the industry providing ADA Accessible Seating modifications to vintage cast iron end standards. A unique method of converting those beautiful old cast iron decorative ends for use as accessible seating has been developed. After a complete site evaluation is conducted; reports based on house capacity, accessibility, solution options and associated costs are presented so that knowledgeable and compliant decisions can be made. Custom fabrication and engineering are incorporated where required.

Installation Services:
From 10 seats to 10,000 seats, employing our own factory crew of experienced, professional and service oriented persons guarantees first quality work on each and every seat. From schedule development and materials coordination, transportation and tooling to seat planning and experienced labor; all are necessary components for an on time - complete job. "First Quality" work done right... the first time!

Site Evaluation and Specifications Development:
When the decision to take action on seating issues arises, its good to have an expert on your side. Fitting the proper seat for the programming application and on time installation are the main issues for a successful project. A full time C.S.I. is on staff of assist with the development of bid documents and post bid review.

Great Eastern Seating Company..................where commitments and your satisfaction matter.

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